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revenge 2.0 and undercover mode
posted by enve 2:56 am October 25, 2021

our second major overhaul of the revenge system will put us more inline with how the original HP revenge system worked.
every attack against you (that's not a revenge attack itself) will be revengeable.

here's a scenario to show how it works:

Pimp A attacks you 5 times and kills 5k thugs. you'll have 2 revenge options:

option a: Pimp A stays in your same city: you will have 5 revenge attacks against them. you are able to use any attack type you like. you can kill their hoes, steal their rides, or kill thugs. once you hit that 5 attack revenge limit, your revenges will be over. you could still continute to attack Pimp A as long as you would be able to normally (within range, in same city, and < 24 attacks in). note - revenge attacks ignore all of these limitations.

option b: Pimp A moves to another city: this will open you up to the 'go postal' revenge attack in which you mail and crackbomb to their hoes, or a mailbomb to their thugs. the key takeaway here is you can only kill up to the amount of thugs/hoes they killed of yours. since Pimp A killed 5k of your thugs, you'd only be able to kill up to 5k of theirs. you wouldn't be able to kill any hoes! in conjunction with the revenge attack limit of 5 attacks, going postal is also limited by the number of thugs/hoes killed, so if you mailbomb their thugs and kill 5k on the first try, going postal will no longer be an option for you; however, you always have the option to chase Pimp A to their new city and you'd be back to 'option a' with 4 remaining revenge attacks you could use anyway you'd like.

going postal is a low risk, low reward option. it encourages pimps to chase their attacker down and exact revenge.

our second change is the undercover option. a lot of pimps stated they would like to support happypimpin without displaying the 'happypimpin supporter' tag in their pimp profile. now, happypimpin supporters are able to go into their pimp options and toggle undercover mode on and off. this will remove the 'happypimpin supporter' tages from your pimp profile and the in-round messages boards. you'll still have all the benefits of supporter status, but just wont be bragging about it!

getting the rounds on track
posted by enve 6:04 am September 18, 2020

one of the cool things about happypimpin is that there is always something going on, and always fresh action to be had. no matter when an account is created, or what day of the week it is, there is always a round in it's first week of play.
this is because the rounds are all offset by 1 week.
since we're first starting off here, things have to be started on a staggered schedule.

-bling will be our first round to start. bling is a 28 day round.
-big pimpin will start one week after bling. big pimpin is a 14 day round.
-cream will start that following week (+2 week after the start of bling). cream is a 28 day round.
-ghetto will start the following week (+3 weeks after the start of bling). big pimpin will also reset and restart.

the following week bling will reset and the cycle will start over. this will ensure that every week there is a fresh round to be had.

welcome back to happypimpin
posted by enve 2:13 am September 18, 2020

it took us a while, but we're back. for good, playa. look out for a ton of upgrades and constant attention. be sure to let us know how we're doing or if you encounter any bugs (which i'm sure you will)

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9:21am Tuesday, Oct 26th, 2021
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