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merry christmas and happy holidays!
posted by enve 7:25 pm December 25, 2021

we've made it another year! not just the game, but all of us ;) lol. we hope everyone has a fantastic time over the holidays with family and friends! if anyone is feeling down over the holidays, login and let's get to pimpin. someone from the community is always around and always up for a chat! santa stopped by the hp server and dropped everyone off 2,500 reserves! - ho ho ho. take care of yourself and make the world around you a better place! here's to hoping 2022 will be the best year yet!

winning crew reserves
posted by enve 9:52 pm November 27, 2021

starting now, the amount of turns the top crew wins is being buffed..in a big way.

we're going from 1,500 reserves for crew members and 3,750 for founders to 5,600!

but there's a catch..
the amount of turns you win is based on when your crew is founded and when you joined it.
bp will award crews 400 reserves/day, while all other rounds award 200 reserves/day.
if your crew forms day 1 of the round and you join day 1, you'll be getting 5,600 reserves (if your crew wins).
if your crew starts up the first day, but you wait to join till the last day, you're only getting 200 (400 for bp).

first, the original hp had it; furthermore, it encourages pimps to plant roots and make plans with a solid crew day 1. pimps can still hide and form a crew later on in the round, but that's at the cost of reserves!

No, you're not seeing wrong.
posted by enve 3:51 pm November 19, 2021

Those 5,000 extra reserves in your account are yours to keep! thanks for being a part of the hp beta! <3

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